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Ann Marie Auricchio (b. 1972, Queens, NY) is currently a New Orleans based artist whose vibrant and energetic compositions personify fictional landscapes. She uses imagined geological and meteorological events as metaphors to express human emotions and sensations through abstract gestures.  Auricchio earned her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (1994) She has attended fully funded residencies at the Joan Mitchell Center (2021/22) and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2023). Recent solo exhibitions have been held at Ferrara Showman Gallery (New Orleans, LA), and Michael Warren Contemporary (Denver, CO) She has participated in many group exhibitions nationally in commercial galleries as well as with alternative and institutional spaces such as White Columns NY, the Painting Center NY, the Alexandria Museum LA, and the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans. Auricchio previously held a 25-year tenure in the entertainment industry as a scenic artist and designer for film, theater, and television. She worked on projects for award-winning classics such as Requiem for a Dream, Broadway’s Lion King, and mega-films like John Wick. Her current studio practice has benefitted from those commercial experiences from material and process knowledge to the vast sense of scale evident in her work. Included in many private collections, Auricchio’s work also belongs to several corporate collections, including Azamara Cruise Lines and the Scott Companies.


Education/ Residencies  

1994    BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art  

2023   Virginia Center of Creative Arts | Karen Shea and Gabe                                            Silverman Endowment Funded Fall Residency

2021/22   The Joan Mitchell Center Residency | Fully funded through                                    the Joan Mitchell Foundation


Solo + Two-Person Exhibitions 

2025    Forthcoming Wiregrass Museum / Solo Show

2024    Ferrara Showman Gallery | Burning Inside: Ann Marie                                              Auricchio, New Orleans, LA 

2023    Michael Warren Contemporary | We Are All Heroes: Ann Marie                              Auricchio, Denver, CO.

2022    Octavia Gallery | Inner Worlds/Outer Worlds: Ann Marie                                          Auricchio & Sherry Owens, New Orleans, LA

2022    The Front Gallery | Works on Paper: Ann Marie Auricchio, New                               Orleans, LA.   

2020    Pop-up @454 Julia | Yellin in My Ear, New Orleans, LA.

2000    The NY Body Archive | New Skin, New York, NY


Group Exhibitions 

2023    IBIS Gallery | An Outside Chance. New Orleans, LA. 

2022   The Painting Center New York | Ethereal Communication,                                        New York, NY.

             Art Conscious New Orleans | Phantasma, curated by Elliot                                      Stokes. New Orleans, LA. 

             Upstart Modern | Resilience/A Visual Proclamation, Sausalito,                                CA 

             Contemporary Art Center NOLA | Remember Earth, curated by                              Erin Antonak, New Orleans, LA.

             Michael Warren Contemporary | Selection of Gallery Artists                                    Spring Exhibition, Denver, CO

             Louisiana Tech University | Possible Impossible Worlds / 6th                                  Louisiana Biennial Juried by Rebecca Hart.

2021    Octavia Gallery | Ann Marie Auricchio, Mia Kaplan, Erika Larkin-                             Gaudet, New Orleans, LA

            Octavia Gallery | Selections from the Roster, South Hampton                                 Art Fair. The Hamptons, NY.

            The Painting Center New York | Once in a Year, juried group                                  show. New York, NY.

             EDNA Contemporary | Abstraction, Landscape, and Light, San                                Luis Obispo CA  

2020   Alexandria Museum of Art | 33rd September Juried                                                  Exhibition juried by Kristen Miller Zohn, Louisiana   

             Shaw Center for the Arts Mansfield Gallery | ArtFlow 2020                                      Group Show, Baton Rouge, LA

2019    SITE:Brooklyn Gallery | Landscape: Real And Imagined,                             j              juried by Eileen Jeng Lynch. New York, NY

2016    Martine Chaisson Gallery | Spring Group Show. New Orleans

2000   White Columns | Foreign Bodies, New York, NY

1999    White Columns | Outer Burroughs, New York, NY

1999.   ABC No RIO | Beware the Ides of March, New York, NY

1998    Postmasters | WAR, New York, NY



2023 Old-school ideas about art and literature get an update, Denver              post critic Ray Rinaldi

2022 We Hit the Road in Search of the Flyover States’ Most Exciting                Creatives, Print magazine by Chloe Gordon

2021 The Creatives, Adore Magazine By Katy Danos and Michaela                    Bechler 

2016 Studio Visit Magazine: Volume Thirty Three, juried selection by                Michael Lash

ann marie auricchio, studio portrait, artist portrait


My work leans into the tension between the strength of the natural world and the fragility of the self. Through both abstract painting, and immersive installation spaces, I create metaphorical landscapes to confront challenging emotional experiences. 

In my paintings, repetitive, forceful brushstrokes and lyrical linear tethers of acrylic paint overlay thin washes of saturated color. The imagery within my work conjures likenesses to underwater volcanic eruptions, falling down woodland paths, and the tangling of vines, bramble, and power lines. Frenetic vibrations created through mark-making are a reflection of profound anxiety, anger, and grief, while a simultaneous predisposition toward hope imbues my palette with luminosity. Within my installations, shards of wood and discarded bits of plastic and wire bathe in the flickering light of digital projections. An eminent sense of overwhelm and gravity is conveyed through the size of the paintings in relation to the body, and the immersive scale of the built environments.The resulting abstract spaces express a tumultuous environment striving towards understanding - finding a balance between chaos and serenity.

Emotion powers my work. It is how I find meaning in the making and form connections with the viewer. As I navigate overwhelming realities of personal, social, political, and environmental crises, I focus my practice on the energetic resonance and repercussions of moving through and within these realities – giving a visual voice to what feels like a fiery rumble that never quiets.

In my New Orleans Studio
mural size, artist portrait, ann marie auricchio, contemporary painter
sitting on the painting I created for DIVINE CINNABAR installation ( 12' x 42')
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